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Basic AeroCamp

July 13-17

Monday - Friday

9AM - 3PM


Basic AeroCamp is designed for middle school students and requires no previous aviation experience. During the week of camp, the kids will learn the basics of flight, flight controls and instruments, radio communications, airport traffic patterns and the basics of aeronautical charts. They will learn how to pre-flight and aircraft and how to plan a flight to a specific destination. The campers will also receive hands-on experience flying the aircraft to different destinations. The flight instruction they receive is log-able and can be used towards a Private Pilots License, should they wish to pursue further flight training. 

Advanced AeroCamp

July 20-24

Monday - Friday

9AM - 3PM


Advanced AeroCamp is designed for high school students and presents a more in-depth approach to aviation. Basic AeroCamp is not required to attend Advanced AeroCamp; however, previous aviation knowledge is helpful. Advanced AeroCamp is more flight-intensive and our students spend a large amount of time flight planning and executing a cross-country flight. Like Basic AeroCamp, all flight time accrued during the duration of camp can be applied towards the hours needed for a Private Pilot License. 

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